What is Pet Projectz?

Pet Projectz is a cool buisness that is run by two girls, Abbie and Jordan. We are doing this to supply pets with nice things and to help animal shelters by giving some of the profits to them. We hope we will be sucsessful throughout the next year. We hope to help animals too by adopting them with the money we make and have nice owners adopt them.

PetProjectz thinks it is very important to house and provide comforts for animals at shelters. If we don't act soon animals at humaine societies and shelters could be put to sleep. Even when animals are not put to sleep, sometimes they have poor living conditions or don't have contact with humans very often and may become agressive. To prevent this happening to animals, we donate profits to the shelters.

Our sales

We sell Pet stuff to people with pets and 70% of the profits are going to be donated to the humane seciety on Vann rd.  On April 26th, we sold two sets of cards [one pak has three cards], one paw cloth, and one picture frame.  We ended up earning 7 dollars and 30 cents. $7.30! Our first set goal was five dollars and we reached it!

Contacting us

If you would like to purchase any items, but don't live in the area, please e-mail us at abbieg12@gmail.com or vandsfisher@dynasty.net OR just leave a comment with your e-mail adress and we will get back to you ASAP. Please, e-mail for orders only you can comment for feed back on our blog. Or go to contact us for more info.